• It's Not All About Dessert

    We believe that the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation is the instruction manual for our lives and a heads up for things coming in the future for all believers.


    We believe in a risen savior, Yeshua (Jesus' Hebrew name) and without salvation through accepting Him, we have no hope of a heavenly kingdom.


    Is a non-denominational, broadcast, for those who prefer a whole-Bible in depth study of the Scriptures. We consider Solace to be a congregation without walls for all who may be in remote locations or disenchanted with corporate organized religion in general. We urge all to read the scriptures and test everything we broadcast. There will be no more boredom regarding scripture. There are treasures being unearthed and revealed every day


    If you've been told that Jesus fulfilled the 'law' (instructions from God) and the instructions (laws) have passed away, then think about this: If you go a lifetime just eating dessert, and never have all the good things like meat, vegetables, fruit, etc., you will become very unhealthy and probably die. It is the same with spiritual health- without God's instructions he gave us in the Old Testament, just studying the New Testament, we are, in effect, just having the dessert. God didn't change His mind in mid-stream and provide Jesus (Yeshua) to throw out everything but the dessert. He doesn't want spiritual death for us. He is the whole meal, the bread and water of life.

    Solace Radio studies (the first five books of the Bible, the prophets / prophecy and end times events, word studies that open up understanding on a deeper level, Yeshua (Jesus) as our risen savior and means of our salvation, current events and news as it relates to Biblical prophecy.


    The name 'Yeshua' was given to Yeshua/Jesus by Joseph and Mary) in biblical times, and is the Hebraic form of the Messiah's name. Most Christians today call Him Jesus. He is our risen Savior, one in the same. Keeping the feast days in no way is 'denying Christ' since Yeshua/Jesus himself was Torah observant and kept all of God's instructions. Jesus did not do away with the instructions in the 'Old Testament' he filled them up with his sacrifice, and made it possible for us to be forgiven for intentional sin. If you have a glass half full of water and you want to full fill it to the top, you don't dump out the water that is already in it- you just continue to fill the glass. It is the same with Yeshua and the commandments in the Tanach, or Old Testament. We help listeners gain the skills needed by any believer to survive in our current economy, things happening with food and the food supply, our children and schooling, gardening; and Kosher (biblical) foods. They're all connected with our faith and can either make us or break us.


    We are not a 501C3 corporation, so donations are not tax-deductible, but truly from the hearts of our listeners who we rely upon to keep us on the air. God and all of His Word is our insurance against the weather events of life. We welcome you into our midst. We hope you are blessed by our broadcasts each day

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