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    Broadcasting the Word of the Father to the World

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    Dianne James


    Dianne's broadcasting career began as a little girl, fascinated with the red blinking light on a radio tower a couple of miles from her grandmother's home in Seminole, Texas. Her parents had met at the local radio station, when radio brought in performers who played music live in the studio.


    A songwriter and singer, now, her parents encouraged her in music and the arts


    Her mom and dad were both adventurous, living in various places such as many cities and towns in Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, Waco, Lubbock, Odessa, and many little towns in between), in New Mexico (Santa Fe, Alamogordo area, Clovis), Arizona (Phoenix), and finally settled on their little heaven on earth surrounded by 14,000-foot high mountains, in southern Colorado.


    Dianne left the San Luis Valley for over 20 years, following a broadcasting career and pursuing an education in Journalism/Mass Communications at New Mexico State University.


    Dianne began her career in radio at KMIN an AM station just off I-40. Three years there, then she went to work at KYKN, a light rock station


    Then off to Texas to another radio station, KPET in La Mesa, TX, KIKZ/KSEM in Seminole and moonlighting for the Lubbock Avalanche Journal doing news for Gaines and Yoakum Counties.


    KZOR in Hobbs (driving 90 miles a day round trip to work at a 100,000 watt FM, where she served as News Director and Morning team co-host), then to television KVBA in Alamogordo, NM serving as Sales rep, Sales Manager, Producer, Writer, Stage manager, Production Manager, prayer warrior, on-air talent, and a few other hats worn there.


    While working at that station, KVBA (a Christian television station), she moonlighted as a news video correspondent for ABC affiliate KOAT TV in Albuquerque,NM and CBS affiliate, KBIM, in Roswell, NM, while building a video editing studio in her home and starting a video production company.


    After leaving Alamogordo, she eventually moved back "home" to Colorado, working as a marketing consultant for several years before going to work for KSLV Radio first as part-time news anchor, then full-time Sales Representative.


    After leaving KSLV, she started an Internet Radio station called Meander Radio in 2005, which became a huge success - listeners tuned in for more than 38,000 hours a month - after she changed the genre to clean comedy.


    Then came Solace Radio in 2006. Beginning the journey with the Almighty.


    The Father's path is an amazing one to follow.


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    Eric St. James


    Hi, I'm Eric St James Digital Broadcast Operations Manger for Solace Radio and The Meander Media Group.


    Most people who've been in radio for years have deep roots in the media, "I guess my love for broadcasting all started, as a young boy, when my mom found me in my bedroom, talking into two cans with a string- talking into one and listening with the other," he said. The love of radio had taken hold of the youngster."


    Thomas Edison I wasn't, though" said St. James.


    His broadcasting career has spanned 35 years, with a humble beginning deep in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. In the small hamlet of Malone N.Y about 25 miles from the Canadian Border.


    He had caught the 'radio bug', "After 3 years in Malone, I was itching to grow, and my prayers were answered by an ad in Billboard magazine for a nighttime personality in Burlington VT. WVMT was, to me, a giant at 50,000 watts at the time."


    About 2 months later while closing in on the midnight hour, and the end of my shift, I received a phone call, while on the air, from a gentleman named "JJ Jeffery" from Fuller-Jeffery Broadcasting.

    Two hours later, and still on the phone, JJ finally asked the question, 'Would you like to work for me', which left me nervous and shaken, I blurted out 'Yes', and probably broke his eardrum. As 2 am came and went, I headed home and was on cloud nine- I was hired and heading for Colorado to work for the Fuller-Jeffery Broadcasting's Pueblo station.


    Waiting for me, was the opportunity of my life, though I didn't know it, then, engineered by the the 'Father' as a step toward Meander Media Group and Solace Radio."

    "It gets in your blood," said St. James.


    God works in mysterious ways.