A Very Special "Thank You"

A few new treats

Hope all of you had a great week, things are settling in at the offices of Solace Radio. New equipment is getting put in place, desk's moved around, all the fun stuff. Thank you so much to our supporters of Solace Radio, without whom we would not be able to expand the ministry.

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Starting this week, we will be adding new programs and teachers, slowly expanding our schedule from all over the World. Great Britain, New Jersey in the USA, Israel ministries, Israeli Talk programs, New York congregations and Teachers, Texas congregations and teachers. EU teachers also.

Our schedule is filling slowly, to better serve you our listeners. We listen to each program and teacher for weeks, sometimes months before we even decide to run the teaching or program on Solace Radio. So sometimes it may seem to take for ever before new programs are available.

In addition we're currently listening to programs, and teachers from Canada as well as in Spanish. If you would like updates weekly from Solace Radio, simple subscribe to our blog below and get it in your INBOX. Shalom

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