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"Love Letters" - Testimonials from our listeners.

I love it!! If it wasn't for the teachings I get over the internet with Solace Radio I would not be able to hear Messianic teaching that I am so hungry for. Name Withheld.


I have felt so guilty not attending church for so many years because my love for our Creator is so strong but I wasn't fed what my spirit needed at any church I have tried to attend. Now that I have found you, I am attending a banquet of choice foods!

 I listen all night and day for Sabbath and usually go to bed at night during the rest of the week listening- fall asleep with our Father on my mind! I also listen regularly at different times during the day. Wish you had a schudule so I wouldn't miss anything that I need to hear to give me understanding to what knowledge I have of His Word. I am growing stronger and happier that I have ever been feasting at your table. 

Thank you for your work getting His Good News out to the hungry during these final hours as we await His return. You will be called great in His Kingdom and I will be there to Thank You in person. Hope to see you there soon- Come,  Yeshua, Come!! Shalom and Blessings to you and yours.

"Rhoda" Acts 12:13-16


Small town in southern Michigan

As a born-again Christian coming out of the Catholic church teachings, I attended the local church with Baptist affliations. God has continued to teach me over the last 10 yrs.more and more truth. I stumbled on your radio program, and the things I have heard are amazing teachings. It has challenged me. I do not know of anyone in my area that follows the Messianic teachings, so it has been "Me and my computer." I am struggling with the fact that for so many years, I have been fed the wrong food. I have so much to learn, and am challanged with the shortage of not knowing HOW to do a Sabbath,and many other things I have  heard that are being taught. 

I will continue to press in and "RETEACH" my spirit with the Lord's help. Thank you for your programs. Thank you for your love of the Lord. As a married woman, and having been forced to be the spiritual leader in my family, 

I sit alone, praying for my husband to devote his heart to God. I find myself wishing I could somehow move us to your area, just so I could attend the services, and be lead strongly as we go into the next phases of God's plan. Please continue to pray for the rest of us, out here who want to "belong".  I will pray for you all as well, knowing that God is and WILL use you to lead many. God Bless!    

Name withheld per request

[Editor's note: the letter below is an excerpt from a letter we received from a listener in California.

Dianne and Eric        I've been following Torah for 5 months, now, and have seen my understanding of Yeshua's Word just explode! 

My whole life has been changed: My 18-year marriage was just ONE signature [from the Judges] away from divorce, having seperated 8 years ago!! 

We are now looking forward to the day we are living under the same roof, again.

 "Shalom", for the most part has come to our family, but we are still learning. My wife has been keeping "Torah" 4 years, now. Sukkot was her 4th, my 2nd. 

The first one, I left early, to visit my brother for a few days, not wanting to have anything to do with "YOUR CULT" as I use to call it. Little did I know the Father was getting ready to take me to my knees! 

He did, through various means, and probably the most defining was a 3-day period in which I buried 3 different friends :

·Tuesday - A friend of over 30 years was buried

·Wednesday - My 18-year marriage; I saw a lawyer, got the final paperwork, and all that was needed was the judges signature and a stamp and it was "DEAD".

·Thursday -  Another friend of over 30 years, buried.

Friday - I hit my knees and really surrendered all for the next 3 weeks. Yeshua really refined me and BOY was it painful, but, in hindsight, I would be willing to go through that all over, and more, if that's what it would take to keep what Messiah's  grace has given me, completely unworthy as I was. It has been a real miracle that amazes me, every time I stop to think about it!.... That was only the tip of the iceberg that was my life. 

As I'm sitting here listening to Solace Radio learning about the meanings of the 12 brothers' names [the 12 tribes], I can think of others like me (for there's nothing new under the sun) who are renewing and lifting up their spirits for the love of God and His Torah as I am. BLESS YOU! Through your radio programming!

In His grip,Les

More to come, blessings to all our listeners, from Solace Radio.